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Research Article

ScienceAsia 28 (2002) : 393-400 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2002.28.393


Phase Space Study of the Synchrotron Oscillation and Radiation Damping of the Longitudinal and Transverse Oscillations

Balabhadrapatruni Harita*, Masumi Sugawara, Takehiko Ishii, Weerapong Pairsuwan and Klaus Hass

ABSTRACT: Important phase space parameters of the synchrotron oscillation and damping times for the synchrotron and betatron oscillations have been calculated for the storage ring of the Siam Photon Source. The work is implemented by the use of the computer programs in Visual Basic. The validity of the calculation has been confirmed by the comparison of the numerical data with the corresponding values obtained by the analytical calculation. The results obtained present the important basic data of the Siam Photon Light Source. The evaluation procedure and the detailed analysis of the results are described.

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D-43/3, CAT Colony, Center for Advanced Technology, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India - 452013.

*Corresponding author, E-mail: b_harita@yahoo.com

Received 17 May 2001, Accepted 1 Apr 2002