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ScienceAsia is an English language published bimonthly by the Science Society of Thailand under Royal Patronage and the National Research Council of Thailand. It was originally published in 1975 as the Journal of the Science Society of Thailand to serve the interests of the research-oriented and professional section of the society, by publishing original research work done in the country and elsewhere. The journal was renamed ScienceAsia in 1999, to broaden coverage to the Asian scientific community in addition to Thai scientists.

The journal is Thailand's first electronic science journal, published both as hard-copies available by subscription (see Subscription), and freely available on the journal website at http://www.scienceasia.org. Starting from April, 2008, manuscripts submitted to ScienceAsia will be proceeded totally online. The journal will no longer accept hard-copy manuscript and all correspondences including notification of the Editor's decision and request for revision will be done electronically. ScienceAsia publishes original research work in science and mathematics. Articles must include scientifically useful data or observations, and/or provide a new scientific concept or a new explanation of published results. In addition, articles of a more applied nature may also be accepted if there is sufficient scientific merit. If in doubt, please contact the Editor.

ScienceAsia is indexed in various international databases, such as CAPlus, SCOPUS and recently was re-listed in Thomson Reuters' Science Index Expanded Edition 2007, and the Impact Factor of the journal for 2012 is 0.398. The journal fulfils the criteria established by the Thai funding agencies, the Thailand Research Fund, the National Science and Technology Development Agency, for an international journal published in Thailand. ScienceAsia is not only a premier science journal of the country but is also widely accepted by international research community as indicated by the increasing numbers of manuscripts submitted from overseas.

We welcome your contribution! See the Instructions for Authors for further details.