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Updated: April 1, 2019

ScienceAsia is a multidisciplinary journal publishing papers of high quality bimonthly, in printed and electronic versions, by the Science Society of Thailand under Royal Patronage and the National Research Council of Thailand. The journal publishes original research papers that provide novel findings and important contribution to broad area in science and mathematics. Areas covered include Biological Sciences and Biotechnology, Chemistry and Material Sciences, Environmental and Applied Sciences, and Mathematics and Physical Sciences. Manuscripts may report scientifically useful data, observations or model predictions, and/or provide a new scientific concept or a new explanation of published results. Submissions of materials of current scientific interest are highly welcome, provided that there is sufficient scientific merit. The journal will not accept manuscripts which have been published or are being considered for publication elsewhere, nor should manuscripts being considered by ScienceAsia be submitted to other journals. Submitted manuscripts must conform to the guidelines given in the Instructions for Authors                      (http://www.scienceasia.org/instruction_authors.php)