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Volume 46 Number 2
Volume 46 Number 1
Volume 46S Number 1
Volume 45 Number 6
Volume 45 Number 5
Volume 45 Number 4
Earlier issues

Volume 46 Number 2 ( 2020)
Disease-specific proteins in mouse models of Parkinson's disease
Improvement of japonica rice varieties by pure-line selection
Fabrication of new composite materials for anti-icing and deicing properties
Characteristics of urban heat island in Bangkok
Stability for series-like iterative equation
Volume 46 Number 1 ( 2020)
Marker-assisted selection for disease resistance in tomato
Inhibition of mouse fibroblast proliferation by carboxymethyl chitosan
Electrochemical DNA biosensor for detection of pork using graphene oxide electrode
A new method for fire investigation using oxidation behavior of carbon steel
New inequalities for convex functions via fractional calculus
Volume 46S Number 1 ( 2020)