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Volume 45 Number 5
Volume 45 Number 4
Volume 45 Number 3
Volume 45 Number 2
Volume 45 Number 1
Volume 44 Number 6
Earlier issues

Volume 45 Number 5 ( 2019)
Recent advances in cannabinoid biochemistry and biotechnology
Glyphosate resistance in weeds from Hunan Province of China
Molecular docking of flavonoid conjugates towards breast cancer receptors
Sterilization by mercury-free UVC light source
A note on equivalence of some Rotfel'd type theorems
Volume 45 Number 4 ( 2019)
Genetic diversity of North African catfish in Thailand
Sugarcane genetic variation with differential sucrose accumulation
Petrochemical characterization of Tak volcanic rocks
Volume 45 Number 3 ( 2019)
Hybrid Introgression: the outcomes of gene flow in birch
New antimalarial agents from chromone derivatives
Acid soil amendment by zeolite, sepiolite snd diatomite
Amyloid beta protein detection by dot-blot sandwich immunoassay
Fixed point theory of multivalued nonexpansive mappings
Volume 45 Number 2 ( 2019)
Antibacterial substances from Bacillus as dried seafood preservatives
Polylactic acid/epoxidized natural rubber biofoams
Predator-prey relationships of fishes in the Bay of Bengal
Concavity and convexity of maps involving positive operators
Volume 45 Number 1 ( 2019)
Bio-calcium from blood cockle and golden apple snail shells
Effects of different alkalis on the behavior of vanadium loss and efficiency of extraction
Environmental controls on net CO2 exchange over a young rubber plantation
An iterative method for impulse noise removal