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Volume 47 Number 6
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Research Article

ScienceAsia 30 (2004): 1-7 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2004.30.001

A Micropropagation Method for Korarima (Aframomum corrorima (Braun) Jansen)

Wondyifraw Tefera* and Surawit Wannakrairoj

ABSTRACT: An efficient method for micropropagation of korarima (Aframomum corrorima (Braun) Jansen, an important culinary and medicinal plant species native to Ethiopia, was developed using axillary bud explants obtained from the rhizome. Murashige and Skoog1 (MS) medium proved to be the best for the establishment stage. Addition of 5% coconut water to the culture medium was effective in enhancing shoot proliferation. Basal medium supplemented with 2 mg/l imazalil in combination with 0.5 mg/l thidiazuron gave 7.5-fold higher shoot multiplication compared to Plant Growth Regulator (PGR)-free medium within eight weeks of culture period. The shoots developed roots readily when transferred to PGR-free MS medium. Rooted plantlets were easily acclimatized by transplanting to a potting mix substrate of river sand and peat moss (1:1), and then covered with polythene bags for a week. Acclimatized plants successfully grew (93%) when
transferred to screen-shaded nursery.

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Department of Horticulture, Kasetsart University, Kampaengsaen campus, Nakhon Pathom 73140, Thailand.

* Corresponding author, Email: wondyfraw@yahoo.com

Received 27 Oct 2003, Accepted 24 Dec 2003