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ScienceAsia 40 (2014): 362-370 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2014.40.362

A novel design of IIR multiple notch filter based on an all-pass filter by using a pole-reposition technique

Amnart Thamrongmas, Chalie Charoenlarpnopparut*, Panintorn Prempree

ABSTRACT:     In this paper, a novel and simple method based on an all-pass filter is presented by using the benefits of a pole re-position technique. The gains at frequencies of π of each single notch filter are adjusted by adding N−1 tuning variables. The proposed method ensures that the passband gains are uniformly flat, the notch frequencies exactly meet the specifications, and the realized 3 dB bandwidths are approximately the same as those specified. This technique is very useful for designers because there are only N−1 tuning variables required to adjust, and it does not need a complicated mathematical calculation. Although this technique is simple and easy to implement, it requires many iterations to find a suitable parameter for making the passband gain between two notch frequencies uniformly flat. Hence in this paper, three searching algorithms have been applied to reduce the number of iterations. We obtain a faster search and a closer frequency response to the ideal one.

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School of Information, Computer, and Communication Technology, Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology, Thammasat University, Thailand, 12000

* Corresponding author, E-mail: chalie@siit.tu.ac.th

Received 9 Nov 2012, Accepted 22 May 2013