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ScienceAsia 48 (2022):ID 605-613 |doi: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2022.078

Adsorption isotherm and kinetic studies of Cr(VI) removal by a new strain of Staphylococcus sciuri

Jutamas Pantaba, Kanuennit Sirisomb, Jittima Charoenpanicha,b,*

ABSTRACT:     This study describes a new strain of Staphylococcus sciuri as a novel bacterium for Cr(VI) removal. Dried cells of the bacterium showed complete removal of 30 mg/l Cr(VI) within 9 h at 40 ?C and pH 2.0. The experimental data in the Cr(VI) concentration range of 30?100 mg/l fitted well with the pseudo-second order kinetic model and Langmuir isotherm (R 2 = 0.9724 and maximum adsorption capacity of 120.48 mg/g). The rate of Cr(VI) adsorption was best described by a Boyd plot and the intraparticle diffusion model. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy suggested that S. sciuri used carbon and oxygen functional groups for binding Cr(VI). The quick removal of Cr(VI) in this study supports application of S. sciuri to reduce Cr(VI) environmental risk.

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a Bioengineering Program, Faculty of Engineering, Burapha University, Chon Buri 20131 Thailand
b Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, Burapha University, Chon Buri 20131 Thailand

* Corresponding author, E-mail: jittima@go.buu.ac.th

Received 17 Sep 2021, Accepted 4 Mar 2022