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Volume 50 Number 1
Volume 49 Number 6
Volume 49 Number 5
Volume 49S Number 1
Volume 49 Number 4
Volume 49 Number 3
Earlier issues

Volume 46 Number 6 ( 2020)
Cancer chemoresistance and therapeutic strategies targeting tumor microenvironment
Enhancement of mulberroside A production in Morus alba cell suspension cultures
Fe quantum wire surface structure prepared by electrochemical method
Microplastics in sea-surface waters around Chao Phraya River mouth
Exponential stability for general variational inequality problems
Volume 46 Number 5 ( 2020)
Transcriptome profiling to understand host-bacteria interactions
Elucidation of complete chloroplast genome of radish
Morphology and production of blastospores of entomopathogenic fungi
Electrochemical determination of capsaicin on screen-printed carbon electrode
Effects of cadmium on acetylcholineesterase activities of African catfish
Meromorphic solutions of generalized q-difference equations
Volume 46 Number 4 ( 2020)
Running a lab amidst COVID-19 crisis
Wild Betta fighting fish in Southeast Asian countries
PUFA of unicellular microorganism isolated from fallen mangrove leaves
Distribution of Rhododendron spp. in Bhutan Himalayan range
Size-controlled chitosan nanoparticles using ionotropic gelation
Plasma cell-free DNA as molecular marker for advanced gastric cancer
Volume 46 Number 3 ( 2020)
Electrochemical and optical biosensors for biological sensing
Cyclodextrin complexation and pharmaceutical applications
Cytogenetics of the medicinal Paris plants
Analysis of volatiles in beer containing Cordyceps militaris extract using electric nose
Rapid genotoxicity monitoring by colorimetric-based bioreporter
Uniqueness problems on difference operators of meromorphic functions
Volume 46 Number 2 ( 2020)
Disease-specific proteins in mouse models of Parkinson's disease
Improvement of japonica rice varieties by pure-line selection
Fabrication of new composite materials for anti-icing and deicing properties
Characteristics of urban heat island in Bangkok
Stability for series-like iterative equation
Volume 46 Number 1 ( 2020)
Marker-assisted selection for disease resistance in tomato
Inhibition of mouse fibroblast proliferation by carboxymethyl chitosan
Electrochemical DNA biosensor for detection of pork using graphene oxide electrode
A new method for fire investigation using oxidation behavior of carbon steel
New inequalities for convex functions via fractional calculus
Volume 46S Number 1 ( 2020)