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Volume 50 Number 1
Volume 49 Number 6
Volume 49 Number 5
Volume 49S Number 1
Volume 49 Number 4
Volume 49 Number 3
Earlier issues

Volume 41 Number 6 ( 2015)
Diffusion modelling on adaptive grids for rainfall overland flows
A taxonomic revision of the tribe Oryzeae (Poaceae) in Thailand
Anti-inflammatory activity of a Vernonia cinerea methanolic extract
Polymorphism of the hepatitis C virus core gene
Neighbour-isolated scattering number of a graph
Volume 41 Number 5 ( 2015)
New Keissleriella species from the grass Dactylis glomerata
Cognitive enhancing effects of anthocyanin in black rice extract
Anticancer effects of fermented Rhus verniciflua stem bark extract
A spectral Polak-Ribière-Polyak conjugate gradient method
Volume 41 Number 4 ( 2015)
Environmental conditions and recovery of the Andaman coral reefs
Mean and median frequency analysis for muscle fatigue evaluation
Operator connections and Borel measures on the unit interval
An alternative functional equation of Jensen type on groups
Volume 41 Number 3 ( 2015)
Flavonoid profile and antioxidant activity of pink guava
Effects of a probiotic preparation on the human faecal microflora
Virulence genes of Staphylococcus aureus from infected blood
Porous medium equation from the isentropic Euler equations
Volume 41 Number 2 ( 2015)
Evaluation of Halophila major as a possible big H. ovalis
Pollen morphology of Curcuma (Zingiberaceae) in Northeast Thailand
H2-producing microalgae in P or S deprived medium with limited N
Mitochondrial DNA polymorphism in Tai populations of Northern Thailand
An alternative quadratic functional equation on 2-divisible groups
Volume 41 Number 1 ( 2015)
Microtuber formation in potato callus
IFNAR1 gene polymorphisms associated with chronic hepatitis B
Sm/N-codoped TiO2 photocatalytic decolourization of dyes in sunlight
Results on the power graph of finite groups