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Volume 50 Number 1
Volume 49 Number 6
Volume 49 Number 5
Volume 49S Number 1
Volume 49 Number 4
Volume 49 Number 3
Earlier issues

Volume 39 Number 6 ( 2013)
Biocontrol of Pythium aphanidermatum in Chinese spinach
Lemma micromorphology in Thai Oryzeae
Phylogenetic diversity of soya bean bradyrhizobia from Myanmar
A cDNA encoding cystatin with antifungal activity from Siam tulip
Antioxidant and antidiabetic activities of Rehmannia glutinosa
Volume 39 Number 5 ( 2013)
Characterization of Ty3-gypsy-like retrotransposons in wax gourd
DNA of late Neolithic pigs in Thailand
Biodiesel from egusi seeds
Fire spread prediction in deciduous forests
Volume 39 Number 4 ( 2013)
The genus Morinda (Rubiaceae) in Thailand
Organic acids and lauric arginate against Listeria and Salmonella
An aubasidan-like β-glucan produced by Aureobasidium pullulans
Accumulation of heavy metals in mangrove water, sediments, and crabs
Volume 39 Number 3 ( 2013)
Effect of heat treatment on phenolic content of eggplants
Vibrio parahaemolyticus in shellfish
Mannanase S1 from Klebsiella oxytoca for copra mannan hydrolysis
Effect of dietary sericin on rats
When a probability interval is a random set
Volume 39S Number 1 ( 2013)
Analysis of the Wenchuan aftershock data
Optimal pursuit time for a differential game in the Hilbert space l2
Volume 39 Number 2 ( 2013)
Pollen from a day-blooming waterlily
Multiplex PCR and immunoassay to detect Salmonella in chicken
Effective monovalent Daboia siamensis antivenoms
Diabetic retinopathy susceptibility gene on chromosome 20q
Intron inversions of factor 8 gene in severe haemophilia A patients
Volume 39 Number 1 ( 2013)
Thunbergia leaf extract mitigates cadmium toxicity in rats
Characterization of yeasts isolated from herbivore faeces
HLA gene prediction by k-nearest neighbour classifier
Finding all justifications in SNOMED CT
Cardinal arithmetic without choice