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Volume 50 Number 1
Volume 49 Number 6
Volume 49 Number 5
Volume 49S Number 1
Volume 49 Number 4
Volume 49 Number 3
Earlier issues

Volume 34 Number 4 (December 2008)
17β-estradiol and vitellogenin gene expression in frogs
Material constants based on synthetic biaxial data
Organic sulphur removal by bacterial strains isolated in Thailand
Monitoring protein crystallization using in situ Raman spectroscopy
Preparation and characterization of asymmetric porous membrane
Phytase and improvement in digestibility of alternative feed ingredients

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Volume 34 Number 3 (September 2008)
Lateritic soil mapping using satellite data
Lipid and fatty acids from the cyanobacterium Spirulina
1H-NMR characterization of haemolymph of tobacco hornworm
Biological activity analysis of proteins from Malayan pit viper venom
Antidiabetic activity of leaf and callus extracts of the bael tree
Haemocyte transcripts from virus-infected black tiger shrimp

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Volume 34 Number 2 (June 2008)
Seed dispersal and seedling recruitment of Choerospondias axillaris
Cationic liposomes containing mycobacterial cell wall
Thermostability of xylanase produced by Thermomyces lanuginosus
Treatment of effluent from shrimp farms using watermeal
Climatological Z-R relationship for radar rainfall estimation
A Late Pleistocene palynoflora from the coastal area of Songkhla Lake
Volume 34 Number 1 (March 2008)
A new Smilax Species (Smilacaceae) from Northeast Thailand
Effects of salinity on antioxidant enzymes and sucrose in tomato
Properties of Nanocrystalline ZnO Powder from Sol-Gel Method
Removal of heavy metals from wastewater using organic precipitant
Synthesis of Poly(ester-amide)s from L-Lactide and Amino Acid Anhydrides

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