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Volume 50 Number 1
Volume 49 Number 6
Volume 49 Number 5
Volume 49S Number 1
Volume 49 Number 4
Volume 49 Number 3
Earlier issues

Volume 26 Number 4 (December 2000)
Micropropagation of the piscicidal plant
Mechanisms of adaptation to increasing salinity
RAPD variation in Melientha suavis
Strength evaluation of fly ash aggregate
Theorems on a modified Newton method
Volume 26 Number 3 (September 2000)
Isozyme Analysis of Anopheles albimanus
Fasciola gigantica tegument
Phenylpropanoids from Cinnamomum parthenoxylon
Conformational Behavior of Tetraalkylated Calix[4]arenes
Genetic Algorithms of Communication Network Design
Volume 26 Number 2 (June 2000)
Bovine Embryonic Stem Cell Lines
Seasonal Occurrence of Diachasmimorpha longicaudata
Butterfly Diversity at Ton Nga-Chang
Wavelet Transform for Autofocusing Detection Systems
Genetic Diversity among Cultured Oysters
Volume 26 Number 1 (March 2000)
Microsatellites in the Black Tiger Prawn
Synthesis and Moulting Hormone Activity
Convexity Properties of Nakano Spaces
Transcendental Elements in Positive Characteristic
Water-Wastewater Management of Tapioca Starch